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Terry Toh


Certified Coach (ICF ACC), Program Manager at Google, Second Brain Practitioner


Hi there!

I’m Terry – program manager, life coach, productivity geek, and personal knowledge management enthusiast.

By day, I work as a regional program manager for Google where I get to work with amazing people on large scale projects that involve countless workstreams and stakeholders.

Outside of my job, I help time-starved workaholics learn how to build repeatable routines to save time and do more of what truly matters.

Health, wealth, relationship, and happiness – these are the goals that high-achieving & successful people spend most of their time on.

And I can help you do the same.

You will learn how to use easy mental models and simple systems to build tiny habits to help you 10X your personal productivity.

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For the time-starved Workaholics

Get the most out of your time & energy in your work & life.

I want to share my learnings on project management, productivity frameworks, and information management ideas with you so that you can apply it into your own lives to actually get things done and feel good about yourselves.


About Me

My Ten-Second Bio

  • I’m from sunny Singapore
  • I devour books on personal development and business growth and muse about them here.
  • I helped to start and launch a local med-tech start-up focused on men’s health.
  • My sport is running and ultimate frisbee
  • I participated in a life-changing course called Building A Second Brain
  • I am a huge extrovert; my wife tells her friends that I can talk to a rock
  • I am a regional program manager at Google
  • I am also an active g2g Coach for other Googlers
  • I’m a huge foodie, but I do not love spicy food
  • My next personal project will be to learn how to play the electric guitar
  • And so much more… Connect with me to learn more!

Time to get started

Let your ambitions be the catalyst for your greatest personal growth.

I’ve helped many others like you find clarity and ways to channel your productive energy into the most important aspects of your life.

Now it’s your turn.

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